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Enroll ChromeBook to VIDE Domain

Manual enrollment

Manually enroll the device before anyone (including administrators) signs in to the Chrome device. If a user signs in before you enroll the device, the device ignores the Admin console settings, and you must wipe the device and restart the enrollment process.

  1. Turn on the Chrome device and follow the onscreen instructions until you see the sign on screen. Do not sign in yet.

  2. Before signing in to the Chrome device, press the key combination Ctrl-Alt-E. The enrollment screen appears.

  3. Enter the username and password for an existing Google Apps user on your account.

  4. Click Enroll device. You will receive a confirmation message that the device has been successfully enrolled.
By default, devices are enrolled into the top-level user organization of your domain. To enroll a device into a specific organizational unit, change the Device Enrollment user setting to Place Chrome device in user organization.

Wipe a Chromebook

  1. Press Esc + (Refresh Key) + Power. The screen displays a yellow exclamation point (!). The Refresh Key is key with the circle and an arrow on the keyboard.
  2. Press Ctrl + D to begin dev mode, then Enter. The screen displays a red exclamation point.
  3. Press Ctrl + D. The Chromebook deletes its local data, returning to its initial state. The deletion takes approximately 15 minutes.
  4. When the transaction completes, press the spacebar, then press Enter to return to verified mode.
    If Forced re-enrollment is enabled for the device you are attempting to wipe, the deletion process is shortened and the device will reboot into stable mode without needing to complete this step.
  5. Enroll the Chromebook before signing in to it.

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