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Managing Your Leave Request

Before You Leave

  • As soon as you know you want to take leave, let your Supervisor and Human Resources know so they can provide information on your eligibility and options. 
  • Contact Payroll for your Leave balances.  You may also log on to the ESS (Employee Self-Service) module to obtain your current balances in your leave bank.
  • Thirty (30) days is the required notification time period for submitting time-off requests.
  • If you are considering Leave Without Pay (LWOP) make arrangements with the Division of Personnel to continue your health benefits.  Your portion of the employee bi-weekly premiums is your responsibility.
  • LWOP absences are also responsible for any deductions such as loans, union dues, etc.  All must be managed by the employee.

During Your Leave

  • Within 30 days if a family member becomes eligible or ineligible (obtains other insurance, death, divorce) for VIDE family member health or insurance benefits, Enroll of de-enroll your family member.
  • Within 30 days of your return-to-work date, if your physician extends your leave, you must submit the required paperwork to your Supervisor through the initial approval process.
  • Confirm with your Supervisor at least 3-5 days in advance by email, voice message, telephone call or in-person that you will return-to-work on the approved date.

After Your Leave

  • Resume your work schedule.  Communicate any necessary accommodations by way of physician letter in order for the reasonable accommodations to be made.
  • Meet with your Supervisor to understand the expectations and any changes you may need to be aware of that may affect your role on the team.
  • If any of your benefits stopped, contact the Payroll Office and Human Resources to restart them.  This includes health, insurance, loan deductions, union dues and other external commitments.

If You Don’t Return From Your Leave

  • Submit your resignation or retirement letter in a timely manner addressing the Commissioner of Education and copy to the following: your Supervisor, the Division Head, Human Resources.
  • Turn in to your Supervisor VIDE issued: Keys for Buildings, Storage Cabinets or Rooms, Your employee ID badge, Electronic Equipment (laptops, mobile phones, manuals, Text-Books, Thumb Drives, Building and Equipment/Portal Passcodes, Current Work Project Status Report.
  • Contact Human Resources to schedule your Exit Interview.  If there is anything you did not deliver to your Supervisor, you may bring it to your Exit Interview for proper release from your duties and the VIDE.
  • Exit Interviews may take place by phone if you had to depart the territory abruptly.  Contact your HR Generalist for the appropriate scheduling opportunity.
  • During your Exit Interview, be prepared to share with us your forwarding address, email and telephone number for the delivery of your NOPA (Notice of Personnel Action).
  • Your Exit NOPA will be processed for the exit date.  If your anticipated date of separation is 30-60 days out, the NOPA will be put in the queue and released through the internal process within a two-week period.
  • Once your receive your Exit NOPA, make contact with the GERS to learn the next steps for managing your benefits.

Types of Leave

When you decide to take leave, the correct category must be identified.  See the check list for the leave and submit ALL documents associated with your leave request.

If you are unsure, contact the Case Manager in Human Resources.

FMLA – Family Medical Leave is determined as Leave over 81 hours that falls in the categories of the FML Act of 1996.  See the GVI FMLA Request form for details.

Sick Leave – This option is used for routine procedures that do not require extensive absence from work.  Anytime over 81 hours must be follow the formal submission process through your immediate Supervisor.

Military Leave – Official Orders from the Military Commander are required. 

LWOP – Leave Without Pay – Must be pre-determined by the Division of Personnel.  Once the letter of confirmation is received, the formal steps for submission must be adhered to for compliance.


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