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Student User ID (UID) Policies

Your Temporary/Default Password

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All new students are given a randomized password.  This temporary password and will have to be change in order for the student to have access to department services.

The local school administration has a list of the default passwords of all students.

  • First Name: Johnny
  • Last Name: Dolittle Williams
  • Username = johnny.williams567
  • Email address would be
    • Please note that some students with long names may not include numbers so its always a good idea to check the
    • Usernames are limited to 20 characters.
  • All students must go to the Passwordreset TOOL first to activate their account.
  • Once a student has enrolled and or changed thier password their account will be activated for system access.
  • Access your email account
  • For wireless access please login with format stu\johnny.williams567 (username)
  • It is best to search for the username in if you are unsure of the spelling or format.

The standards are across the board but there are exceptions, some user accounts with hyphenated last names or a UID more than 20 characters have been adjusted.


Information on policy change.

Good day to all,

The Instructional Technology Division has started the process to move the Department’s Spam protection protocols forward to alleviate recurring spam messages. This implementation will require every student to change their password within two weeks after school starts. If they do not update their password within one month of the opening of school an auto-generated password will be sent to each school with the listed password they will use to recover their account. Please schedule lab time for all students to get this process done to eliminate problems with their account after one month after school opens. This is needed because hackers have started to use our present platform student’s default password for intrusion. We are now moving to auto-assigned password with the password being auto-generated within our system. A faculty or staff member will have to submit a ticket ( )on the student’s behalf to request a password reset for any reason a student cannot login to their account.

Note: All students will have to use 8 characters or more  which must include: A Capital Letter/Number/A Symbol and will not expire for one year unless their account is compromised for some reason. This password can be in any combination or format that will be easy to avoid account hacking. We are being proactive to avoid spam/scam emails to align with our CIPA rules (The Children's Internet Protection Act) governing student online use of email and other services.

Here is the link governing USAC (Universal Services Administrative Company) E-Rate Program rules related to CIPA:

Thank you for your cooperation and support in this matter as we guide protection for our students in this globally online society.


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