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VIDE Celebrates American Education Week – November 16-20, 2020

The Virgin Islands Department of Education joins the national observation of American Education Week, November 16-20, 2020, with a host of activities that celebrate public education.  

According to the organization’s website, American Education Week “presents everyone with opportunity to celebrate public education and honor individuals who are making a difference in ensuring that every student receives a quality education.” 

Officials in both school districts have planned three days of fun and educational activities for students attending the Territory's public schools. On November 16, students are asked to participate in the “Five Looks with Books” Challenge, similar to the “Five Looks Challenge” currently trending on social media. On November 18, district officials will read to students and on November 19, students are asked to “Portray an Educator,” where they dress as a favorite teacher, principal or other educator and write an essay about the person.   

Photos and essays can be emailed to  

Additionally, schools in the St. Croix District have planned activities for each day of the week.   


Lew Muckle Elementary School  

Monday, November 16, 2020-Kick-Off  

  • Faculty/Staff Shout Outs- Administrators, faculty members, and staff will prepare short shout out messages to be posted on our Facebook page.  

Tuesday, November 17, 2020-Parent Day  

  • Parents Shout Out- Parents will email short messages to highlight their child/ren past and present teacher  

Wednesday, November 18, 2020-Education Support Professional Day  

  • A virtual card will be sent to our support personnel (monitors, office staff, kitchen staff, guidance counselors, maintenance, custodians)  

Thursday, November 19, 2020-Teacher/Student Swap Day  

  • A student in each class will serve as teacher for the day. These students will be recognized on our Facebook page.  

  • Faculty & Staff will participate in a drive-by staff appreciation luncheon.  

Friday, November 20, 2020-Pre-Recorded Virtual Pep-Rally  

  • We will close our week with a grand pep-rally. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the pep-rally will be pre-recorded, and it will be posted on our Facebook page for public viewing.  


St. Croix Educational Complex High School  

11/16 Kickoff and Proclamation  

11/17 Report Card Distribution (10-2)  

11/18 Support Staff Recognition Day  

11/19 Students become educators for the day  

11/20 Celebration of substitute teachers   


Claude O. Markoe Elementary School  

11/16 Monday- What is American Education Week (AEW)  

  • Thank you Letters to Educators-See Facebook page  

  • Why Celebrate AEW  

  • Students’ shout out to teachers and school  

  • What I like about my school and /or teachers (Teachers encourage students to write)  

11/17 Tuesday- Parent and Community Members’ Involvement Day  

  • (Teachers-Invite parents to read to students virtually or talk about their careers. (Parents can video tape their video entries so teachers can show it in their class.  

11/18 Wednesday-Recognize Educator Support Professional’s Day  

11/19 Thursday- Career Day and Report Card Distribution Day  

  • Ask students to dress in their future career outfit and talk about that profession’s role in the community  

  • Report Card Distribution 12:00-4:00  

  • Turkey Raffle Day  

11/20 Friday- District Wide PD-American Education Week  

  • Staff Wear Colors to end AEW  


Ricardo Richards Elementary School  

November 16, 2020 – Kick Off Day  

  • Students will be familiarized with the purpose of American Education Week, to include its theme, purpose, and celebration days. We will share a very brief PowerPoint so that all Social Studies teachers may share that PowerPoint in addition to any other information they plan to share to highlight American Education Week.  

November 17, 2020 – Parents’ Day  

  • Parents will be invited to their children’s virtual classroom to experience what the day is like for their child. Optional: Teachers may also incorporate inviting a parent or a few parents to talk about their profession or do a particular Read-a-Loud from a book or poem appropriate for that grade level during the course of the class period.  

November 18, 2020: Art Contest/Poetry Reading & Educators Support Professionals Day  

  • Kindergarten - 2nd grade classes will draw a picture of their favorite educator. The teacher can award a grade for the drawings based on the rubric provided as well as select the top 3 drawings to enter into the Art Contest.  

  • Third – Sixth Grade Classes will write and provide poetry readings based on the poem constructed on the topic, “What I Like Best About My School.” Students will have a choice to choose one of the following poetry types or select a poetry type and provide the guidelines for writing that type of poem and the poem. (There is no competition for grade 3-6 but teachers are asked to use this as a Social Studies and or ELA graded assignment. Teachers can work collaboratively.) Students will share their poems in Social Studies class.  

  • Recognize Support Staff through a press release from RRES School Family and Administration.  

November 19, 2020 - Career Day & Report Card Distribution  

  • Students will select a career that they would like to learn more about that they may pursue in the future. Students in Pre-K to 2 will dress in an attire that is representative of their career choice. On Career Dress Day, they will dress in the associated attire and do a 1minute oral presentation based on their ACERS assignments in Social Studies class. Think school-wide collaboration!  

November 20, 2020 - Parent Correspondence Day  

  • Parents will email faculty and staff to convey appreciative remarks  


Alternative Education (Safe & Healthy Students Program)  

  • Transcripts will be distributed November 18 

  • Students will create virtual thankyou videos to educator of their choice.  

  • A staff member will be featured daily on SHS/AEP Facebook Page  

  • Teachers will receive virtual certificates  

  • Staff and students will wear SHS/AEP logo shirts or colors  


John H. Woodson Jr. High School  


  • Faculty meeting on Teams: Guest Presenter, Island Therapy: To address social and emotional well-being: Will conduct Virtual Scavenger Hunt for prizes  


  • Send out electronic cards to teachers encouraging and thanking them for their hard work  


  • Have students write notes of appreciation to their teachers  


  • Report card distribution  


  • Survey faculty and staff on their wellbeing  


St. Croix Central High School  

 Monday, November 16 – Kick Off Day  

  • Share the official artwork for American Education Week and a flyer of the week’s celebration/events on Facebook and via email  

  • Post a video of a student reading a description of American Education Week  

  • Launch an essay contest for students: Learning in a Virtual Environment  

  • Parents picking up report cards will take pictures by our American Education Week bulletin board/backdrop  

Tuesday, November 17 – Parents’ Day  

  • Report card distribution  

  • Conduct a raffle for parents who picked up report cards the day before (three $25 BonManjer gift certificates)  

  • Send an appreciation message to parents’ phones (PowerSchool Blast)  

  • Post poems and/or pictures of parents who picked up report cards on the school’s Facebook page  

Wednesday, November 18 – Education Professionals’ Day  

  • Arrange $7 - $10 gift certificates to Armstrong Ice Cream for the entire faculty and staff  

  • Post student recordings of shout outs to teachers that have went out of their way to help them. Include a picture of the educator, if available. Use #WeLoveCHS or another hashtag in the posts.  

  • Post/Email an appreciation flyer (poems/ messages) to the various faculty departments: Math, Science, English, etc.  

Thursday, November 19 – Support Staff Day  

  • Post teacher/admin recordings of shout outs to support staff that have went out of their way to help. Include a picture of the person, if available. Use #WeLoveCHS or another hashtag in the posts.  

  • Post/Email an appreciation flyer (poems/ messages) to the various support staff departments: Office, Monitors, Kitchen Staff, Custodians, etc.  

Friday, November 20 – Educator for a Day  

  • Invite members of the community to hold virtual sessions to talk about their careers and other social topics relevant to the community and adjusting to life during the pandemic. Suggestions: DVSAC, Women’s Coalition, The National Guard  

  • Teacher for the Day- Students will take on leadership roles in the classroom  

  • Announce Essay Contest Winners  


Career & Technical Education Center  

Monday, November 16, 2020 – Virtual Administrators greeting to Faculty and Staff  

  • Annual Invite AEW Kick takeaway off Bruch  

Tuesday, November 17, 2020 – Invite Parents to Sit In School Day  

  • Apples for faculty/staff  

  • Our annual takeaway brunch for American Education Week will be held on November 16 during the first period  

Wednesday, November 18, 2020 – Education Support Professional Day  

  • A small token of appreciation will be given, along with a thank you card  

Thursday, November 19, 2020 – Education for a Day   

  • Teachers will invite students to act as an educator for a day each period  

Friday, November 20, 2020 – Acknowledge CTEC’s Substitute Teacher Day  

  • A small token of appreciation, along with a thank you card  

  • American Education Week Annual Culminating Activity  


Arthur A. Richards K-8 School  

Monday, November 16 - School Pride Day  

Tuesday, November 17 - Report Card Distribution  

Wednesday, November 18 - Education Support Staff Day  

Thursday, November 19 - Career Wear Day  

Friday, November 20 - Teacher/Student Swap Day  


Eulalie R. Rivera K-8 School  

Monday, November 16 – Kickoff Day  

  • Have students write an essay, “What I Would Do if I Were the School Principal” and share the best ones. (3rd- 5th grade)  

  • Hold a poetry/rap reading on the topic, “What I Like Best About Virtual Learning.” (6th- 8th grade)  

  • Have students make cards showing support for their educators. (KG-2 grade) Cards could focus on support staff to include secretaries, custodians, maintenance, kitchen staff and or paraprofessionals  

Tuesday, November 17 - Parents/Grandparents Day  

  • Teachers will invite parents/grandparents virtually into your classroom via video conference to read to students, talk about their career, or share other educational information outside the normal curriculum. If the parent is tech-savvy, have them record a video you can show  

  • SBAC Interim Testing begins 3rd-8th grade 9:00 am -10:30am  

Wednesday, November 18 - Education Support Professionals Day  

  • Please select a support staff to visit your class, we will facilitate the virtual visit 

  • Virtual Meet and Greet with support staff. Good Job. Good Job. Share cards that students created with support staff 

  • Teachers, students, and parents email a thank you letter to Educational Support Staff in our school 

Thursday, November 19 - Educator for A Day  

  • Teachers will invite members of the community virtually into your classroom via video call to read to students, talk about their career, or share other educational information outside the normal curriculum 

  • Ask students to dress as if they were in their future career and talk about that profession’s role in the community 



Juanita Gardine K-8 School  

Monday, 11/16 - American Education Week Kick Off!  

  • Our virtual background for the week will be shared with all students along with a voice message explaining the significance of American Education Week  

Tuesday, 11/17 - Parents and Students Photo Day  

  • Parents will take a photo with their child and submit to the teacher. They will write a short paragraph explaining what makes the virtual environment great. 

Wednesday, 11/18 - Hurricanes Support Staff Day  

  • Tokens of appreciation will be delivered to all members of our support staff  

Thursday, 11/19 - Career Wear Day & Educator for a Day  

  • Students will dress in attire that represent the career of their choice. Time will be allotted during Social Studies classes to discuss the careers represented by the students. Selected students will be the Educator for the Day! Report card distribution to parents 8:00am to 2:00pm  

Friday, 11/20 - Education is Priceless!  

  • Social media shout out to our Support Staff, along with pictures from throughout the week.  


Pearl B. Larsen PreK-8 School  

Monday, November 16  

  • Write to the following prompts: ‘What I Would Do if I Were the School Principal’ Or poem, ‘What I like best about my school.’   

Tuesday, November 17  

  • Parents will be invited to school virtually or by video conference to speak about their professions   

Wednesday, November 18  

  • Send an email or a message through PBL Facebook to say thank you to our Support Staff and Paraprofessionals  

Thursday, November 19  

  • Be a teacher and teach a lesson or support your teacher in class for the day   

Friday, November 20  

  • Show your appreciation to our teachers, paraprofessionals and support staff 


Alfredo Andrews Elementary School  

Monday, November 16  

American Education Week National Kickoff Day! 

  • School-wide Poetry Topic - “What I Like Best About School” 

  • KG-1st Complete a drawing on the topic 

  • 2nd to 6th grade will compose a thoughtful or humorous poem that speaks/focuses on the topic 

Tuesday, November 17  


  • Kg-2nd grade will experience a local storyteller 

  • Show and Tell - 3rd – 6th Students will be allowed to bring an item of importance to class and explain its significance. Why the item is important/special to them. 

Wednesday, November 18 

Support Staff Appreciation Day 

  • Those members of the AAES family will be recognized and receive a small token of appreciation. Discuss with students the role of support staff in our school and urge them to say thank you throughout the day. 

Thursday, November 19 

Career Day 

  • Students will dress as if they are in their future career and then talk about that profession’s role in the community 

  • School-wide Career Video viewing at 10:15am 

  • Report Card Distribution Day - 9am – 3pm 

Friday, November 20 

Professional Development Day - (No classes for students) 

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