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Jane E. Tuitt Primary School

Matrix and Values

Jane E. Tuitt's School Values:

be respectful.JPGbe responsible.JPGbe safe.JPG


Jane E. Tuitt Behavioral Expectation Matrix:


PBIS Parent Orientation

On November 10, 2017 Jane E. Tuitt rolled out PBIS to parents at the parent orientation! Parents were able to walk around the school campus, meet teachers, observe classrooms and ask question. A PBIS booth was set up to inform parents about positive behavioral interventions and supports. Informational pamphlets were handed out in English and Spanish to provide follow up information on how PBIS can be used at home!

jet parent orient.jpg

Mr. & Miss Jane E. Tuitt - PBIS Student Winners

Congratulations to all the Jane E. Tuitt students who participated in Mr. and Miss. Jane E. Tuitt this year! Below features the winners of the Jane E. Tuitt PBIS awards: "Most Responsible", "Most Respectful" and "Most Safe Behaviors".

Mr. Be Safe 2017!

Mr. Safe.png


Miss Be Respectful 2017!

Ms. Respectful.jpg

Miss Be Responsible 2017!

Ms. Responsible.png

PBIS Roll Out

On February 6, 2017, Jane E. Tuitt Primary School (JET) rolled out PBIS to their students! Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports (PBIS) is an adaptable framework to address behavioral challenges and improve social skills, school climate and school culture. The PBIS team at JET, along with administration and staff, have been working hard to implement PBIS this year. The recent roll out celebration included skits, PBIS chants, cheers, a parade, a dance party in the yard and a sneak peek of the new school store. It was all topped off with take home treats and a take home message, “Be Responsible, Be Respectful and Be Safe!”


Over the next several days teachers will work with students on learning the new behavioral expectation matrix and how the 3 B’s are relevant all over school. JET will follow up with monthly PBIS celebrations, student and teacher awards for positive behavior, secondary behavioral supports and enhanced data collection systems. Students and staff will benefit from evidence-based practices that support positive behaviors and learning initiatives.


Furthermore, students will begin earning Positive Behavior Stickers for using the 3 B’s; stickers will be handed out for positive behaviors and placed on student cards. Stickers will be redeemed for prizes at the school store as a way to reward appropriate and expected behaviors.

JET School Store.JPG

JET is teaching positive social skills and improving school climate through constructive, encouraging and progressive teaching methods incorporated with PBIS. Teachers, staff and students are instructed to focus on the positive, on what is going well and on expected behaviors, rather than on problem behaviors. They are shifting away from problem focused environments and moving towards problem solving and setting students up for success through teaching expectations and supporting behavioral growth.


Over the next several months, as the PBIS language and methods spread across the school, JETs will “soar to excellence”!    

PBIS Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day, February 14, 2017, JET students, faculty and staff dressed up in red, pink and white. Each person choosing to dress up donated a dollar to the PBIS school fund! That is showing JET spirit!

IMG_7127.JPG                                         V day.jpg

Black History Celebration

"Redemption Song" by Bon Marley performed by Jane E. Tuitt students at the Black History Month Celebration, February 24, 2017.

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Chill Zone - Teacher Shout Out

Jane E. Tuitt's Jessica Sibilly created a "Chill Zone" in her classroom. The chill zone is a place for students to sit when they are feeling overwhelmed, impulsive or angry. Students can ask to use the zone when they feel they need time to calm down. The zone is equipt with drawing materials and positive behavior/social skill worksheets. Sibilly also has her "classroom matrix" posted, a visible crisis plan and she consistently uses PBIS language in her classroom; she is often heard saying things like "I love the way ______ is sitting quietly" and "you are showing JET behavior!" You are soaring to excellence Mrs. Sibilly!


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