Vision - Mission - Goals

Mission Statement

The Virgin Islands Department of Education (VIDE) provides a safe and nurturing environment, high quality instruction, and continuous support so ALL students succeed in college and careers as citizens in a globally diverse world.


Vision Statement

The VIDE embraces ALL students and empowers them to achieve their fullest potential.


Values Statement

The VIDE believes our students are the nucleus of everything we do, and through high quality instruction, ALL students achieve their fullest potential. We value:

VIDE Goals




Scope and Overview
The United States Virgin Islands Department of Education is an executive branch of the Government of the U.S. Virgin Islands mandated under Titles 3 and 17 of the Virgin Islands Code. It is the largest governmental entity in the Virgin Islands and it functions as both a Local Education Agency (LEA) and a State-level Education Agency (SEA). The Department is headed by a Commissioner at the SEA level and a District Superintendent at the two LEAs.

The Department’s role as stipulated by Title 3, Chapter 7, Section 96, V.I. Code, encompasses the authority to exercise general control over the enforcement of laws relating to free public education in the Virgin Islands. Its responsibilities include the development, implementation and monitoring of instructional programs for all k-12 students and adult learners, as well as, provision of support services such as child nutrition, pupil transportation, library services, and the maintenance of educational facilities and offices under its purview. Services are provided at 33 buildings supporting 40 activity centers.

It is through the combination of the general budget and federal funds that the Department is able to execute its programs and carry out its mandates under local and federal law. The Department employed a workforce of three thousand, one hundred twenty-four (3,124) employees which accounts for most of the funds received from the General Fund. From October 2009 to the end of FY 2010, there were two hundred eighteen (218) separations territory wide.

In Fiscal year 2010, the Department endeavored to address the needs of the 15,493 students enrolled in the system. 1,176 students territory wide were identified as students with disabilities and 519 as English Language Learners. Of the 1,056 students who were enrolled in 12th grade, 912 earned high school diplomas and an additional 16 graduated with certificates of completion.


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