Broo ‘Nansi and the Tar Baby

Broo ‘Nansi and the Tar Baby

A U.S. Virgin Islands Story

Collected and written by Dr. Lois Hassell-Habtes – Story as told by Ector Roebuck

Broo Tukuma knows better, but as the good brother that he is, he can’t watch his nephews starve. So, much against his better judgement, he takes Broo ‘Nansi (that good for nothing fellow) to get food from his secret garden. The trip turns into a disaster when Broo ‘Nansi disobeys his brother’s strict orders.

Another great Broo ‘Nansi story filled with the humor and wisdom that only this ancient little spider can impart. A must-read for all Virgin Islanders, and for everyone who loves a good tale.




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