Joseph Sibilly Elementary School

Buzz the Bee's Drawing Contest

sIBILLY'S pbis bUZZ THE bEE'S Drawing Competition for the Monthly "Hibiscus News"!



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Sibilly's Matrix, Values and PBIS Brochure


                                                                              Bee Values.png 




Sibilly's PBIS Roll Out 2017

Mrs. Leedee introducing the roll out to Sibilly students!

Sib Leedee.jpg



The 6th grade students of Siblliy Elementary leading the school in the PBIS song!

“I’m gonna buzz buzz buzz,

Around the clock, clock, clock.

We are the beeeezzzz,

Of Sibillllly.

Be respe –e-e-ctful

Be respon-si-ble

Be success – success –successful”

Sib IMG_8123.JPG

Team member Mrs. Leedee dressed as “Buzz the Bee”, dancing with the students.

Sib leedee bee.jpg

Below is a video of the Sibilly PBIS song!