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All I want for Christmas is...


As Christmas draws near and many students rush to mail their Christmas lists to Santa, a couple of DOE elves took a survey to see what gifts students and teachers are looking for under the tree this year.

Ribely DeLeon_ChristmasWish.jpg

Ribely DeLeon (JESS - 1st Grade)

"I want a kitchen so I can cook Johnny Cakes for Christmas. I want a dolly house with an elevator, a kitchen, and stairs. I want to give my mommy a flower with earrings and a new phone. I want to get daddy a new umbrella."


Shavor Hart ChristmasWish.jpg

Shavor Hart (Gomez - 5th grader)

"I want a saxophone. My favorite kind of music is jazz."


Noellise Powell_ChristmasWish.jpg

Noellise Powell (JESS Computer Science Teacher)

"I wish Santa would bring my students a wonderful Christmas experience because too often you see children getting caught up with adult issues and stuff that’s not conducive to them just being a child. I just want them to have that experience of just being a child and being excited on Christmas Day."


J'Niya Challenger ChristmasWish.jpg

J’Niya Challenger (CAHS 10th Grade)

"I want a great Christmas. I’m looking forward to my Granma’s cooking. Her macaroni, coleslaw, and chicken I look forward to every year. I have this thing where I skip breakfast and go straight to dinner and dessert. My favorite dessert is pumpkin pie.

Another thing that I’m hoping for this Christmas is for the music department to have a successful concert. We have our Christmas concert coming up on Tuesday, December 11, 2018 at 6 p.m. and it is a tribute to legends. We have it where the first half is Christmas music and the second half is about the legends. I advise that those who are in the Christmas spirit come out, enjoy and support the Charlotte Amalie High School Music Department Christmas Concert. I guarantee a jolly performance."



Germarie Turnbull (Gomez 5th grade ELA and Social Studies Teacher)

"I need a Prometheann board, computers, and a white board for my classroom. I want my students to have good health, family, and supportive parents."


Rakim Alford_ChristmasWish.jpg

Rakim Alford (JESS 1st Grade)

"I want a big, big blue monster truck that I can drive in. I want my brother to have a big monster truck too and my sister and my baby sister. I don’t have a little sister yet because mommy hasn’t made her but I want the monster truck for her for when she comes."


Franchesca Charles ChristmasWish.jpg

Franchesca Charles (JESS 7/8 English)

"I wish I could have computers or tablets for use in my class. The books are so ancient and out of date. Anything technology driven they’re more interested and engaged in learning. I would love to be able to utilize the new technology to continue to encourage my students to learn."


Norrece Dowell ChristmasWish.jpg

Norrece Dowell (CAHS 12th grader)

"For Christmas I want a house because from Irma my house got taken away and I haven’t been able to get a house with a bedroom. For the school I would like to have more working instruments because most of the time we have broken things here and there and it affects our performances. For example, we have a performance that needs timpani we can’t play them because we only have base parts that work."


Marcus Norford ChristmasWish.jpg

Marcus Norford (JESS 1st Grade)

"I want an armor and a shield. I want to be a super hero with super strength."

Miranda Stone ChristmasWish.jpg

Miranda Stone (JESS 1st grade teacher)

"I would like a carpet for the library corner or headsets for the kids to do read a long stories. They love reading but it’s difficult for them because sometimes they can’t recognize all the words."



Erwin Stevens (Gomez Kindergarten Teacher)

"I want the students’ brains to be open to learn and I would like a magnetic dry erase board."


A'ja Frett ChristmasWish.jpg

A’ja Frett (Gomez 5th grader)

"I want a drawing set because I like to draw. I like to draw anime like Goku to practice. I would like to make my own comics one day with a female super hero."


Smyrne Bertrand_ChristmasWish.jpg

Smyrne Bertrand (JESS 1st Grade)

"I want a trampoline, a computer, and a lot of toys. I want a Barbie doll that has long hair to the floor like Rapunzel. I want to make presents to give mommy and daddy. I’m going to give mommy a flower and beautiful stuff. I’m going to give daddy some beautiful shoes with Christmas decorations drawn on them. I’m going to give my baby sister some toys."



Denicia Vanterpool (BCB Administrative Officer)

"For Christmas, I want a successful school year."

Dexauna Williams ChristmasWish.jpg

Dexauna Williams (BCB 8th grader)

"For Christmas, I want a Samsung phone. My favorite app is Snapchat and Facebook messenger."


Mavin Charles_ChristmasWish.jpg

Mavin Charles JESS 1st Grade

"I want a Lamborghini and a superman. We are going to drive to a party."

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