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PBIS Continues Successful Rollouts in Schools!

The Jane E. Tuitt Primary School rolled out PBIS to their students on December 8, 2017, for the first time this school year! District coaches reminded the youngsters of the Positive Behavior Sticker Program and of their expected behaviors. Students were led by cheerleaders as they chanted and sang about the 3 Be’s at JET: Be Responsible, Be Respectful and Be Safe!


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The positive behavior school store has been stocked and is open for business. Students collect stickers for demonstrating positive behaviors and spend them on rewards. Evidence shows that when positive behaviors are rewarded consistently and meaningfully, those behaviors are more likely to occur more often. Rewards include positive, behavior specific praise, small toys and non-tangibles (homework pass, line leader pass etc.).



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The PBIS team student advisors were also chosen and rewarded at the roll out! These two students will attend PBIS meetings and provide input from the student perspective. They were chosen based on their continued positive behaviors and the way they represent the 3 Be’s!


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PBIS at Kean

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On Tuesday, December 12, 2017, the PBIS class at Ivanna Eudora Kean High School presented to the PBIS District team, school counselors and school administrators. Students in the class discussed current school issues and possible solutions with the goal of improving school climate and culture.


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Students shared how they thought the school could benefit from a reward program to encourage appropriate dress, a clean campus and productive lunch time behaviors. Presentations included proposals for a trash can project, a fresh local foods project and a lunch time basketball league.


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District team members were impressed with student dedication and interest in improving their school. School officials were supportive of student needs and ideas. With a positive attitude, student collaboration and school and district support, Kean prepares to implement PBIS with full force!

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