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From Denmark to the VI: Students Present Research Findings On Slavery in the Danish West Indies


Danish students present research project at Charlotte Amalie High School on March 2. They visited the territory as part of  the "Centennial Collaboration Project" they conducted with CAHS students.


On March 2, Charlotte Amalie High School (CAHS) AP English and Composition students, under the leadership of teachers Elaine Jacobs and Wendy Andrews, welcomed 25 of their peers from Haderslev Cathedral school in Denmark to share the results of months of research and collaboration on the students' Centennial Collaboration Project.

Both groups of students gathered in the CAHS auditorium and each conducted a slideshow presentation of their native land and culture, as well as a history of their respective schools. The Danish students shared details about life in Copenhagen, stating that they get paid to attend high school, almost every student is employed, and citizens enjoy free health care and college. They also shared about the kinds of foods they eat, what teens their age do for fun, and the types of sports that are played in Denmark.

Both groups of students then presented their research on the role the Moravian missionaries played in educating the enslaved living in the Danish West Indies during the 1700's. Learn more about the Centennial Collaboration Project here. The research was student driven and centered, and helped to promote students' critical thinking, writing and analytic skills.

Following the insightful presentations, the students headed to downtown Charlotte Amalie and the surrounding areas to visit many of the historic Moravian churches that are still in operation today.


Special thanks to the following partners who contributed to the success of the CAHS Centennial Collaboration Project:

Beverly Smith, Susan Lugo and the entire staff at the Charles Wesley Regional Library

Retired librarian, Janet Burton and Social Studies teacher, Evans Williams

Dr. Ronald Harrigan

CAHS head librarian Celia Fahie-Barry

Sofia Aubin at the Caribbean Genealogy Library

Dr. Ruby Simmonds-Essanasen

Dr. Marilyn Krigger

Former Governor Charles W. Turnbull

V.I. Department of Tourism

The Friends of Denmark

Mrs. Charles-King of Social Studies

Mrs. Straun, Career and Technical Education

Mr. Iambekesye Richardson, technical assistance in production

English Department Teachers: Mrs. Alenia Buncome-Murraine, Manefa O’Connor-Francis, Ingrid Ayala, and Leontyne Jones 

Principal Alcede Edwards

Parents, teachers and all local families that served as host families

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