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PBIS Student Roll Out 2017-2018


On Friday December 15, 2017, the Dober PBIS team rolled out the program to their students. Students had been asking about PBIS and Dober Dollars for weeks!

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The school was decorated with PBIS Posters created by the students. The roll out included a PBIS Poster competition; students worked on posters for a week leading up to the event. Posters were judged on utilization of the 3 Be’s, creativity, neatness and hard work. Prizes were awarded to 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners. Almost 20 students entered the competition!

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 Also featured at the roll out was and epic beat box battle where several students battled it out for the top spot! Students displayed incredible talent that really got the whole school excited and on their feet!


Students shared what PBIS means to them and how they earned Dober Dollars last year. Students from each class were picked to discuss how to use the 3 Be’s.


Students also sang their PBIS song and cheered loudly! It was a great day for positive behavior. The Dober PBIS team worked very hard to make this event a success and ended up with a spectacular celebration.

PBIS Staff Roll Out 2017-2018


On December 6, 2017, the Dober team rolled out PBIS to the staff. The team presented on behavioral expectations, documentation and the importance of data, PBIS materials around the school and the Dober Dollar, Positive Behavior Reward Program.



The school store opened following the student PBIS roll out on 12/15/17. Students earn Dober Dollars for demonstrating expected behaviors.


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While the team rolled out to the entire staff with their coach, Mrs. Torrice-Hairston, other members of the district PBIS team, Mrs. Peck, Ms. Rieara, Ms. Smith, and Ms. Castro held class! District team members worked with students on creating positive posters and provided coverage to assist in the roll out, that’s teamwork!

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Staff members participated in a hands-on activity where they created a classroom or school area matrix. There were prizes as well as food and drinks provided by the school PBIS team. The roll out was a success! Teachers and staff are now tasked with teaching the behavior expectation matrix, the Dober 3 Be’s (Be Responsible, Be Respectful and Be Ready to Succeed) and rewarding positive behaviors.

PBIS Student Roll Out 2016-2017

Principal Francois and PBIS team members, Ms. Maynard and Mrs. Hosein  are depicted presenting the new PBIS School Store to the students at Dober.



Students held a large version of the "Dober Dollar" to introduce it to the school! The Dober Dollar can be earned by demonstrating positive and appropriate behaviors throughout the school day. Dober Dollars can be spent at the Dober School Store for rewards. Rewards reinforce positive behaviors and a paired with behavior specific praise.  



PBIS Roll Out Video 2016-2017


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