Basic Guide to Leave

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Managing Your Leave Request

Before You Leave

During Your Leave

After Your Leave

If You Don’t Return From Your Leave

Types of Leave

When you decide to take leave, the correct category must be identified.  See the check list for the leave and submit ALL documents associated with your leave request.

If you are unsure, contact the Case Manager in Human Resources.

FMLA – Family Medical Leave is determined as Leave over 81 hours that falls in the categories of the FML Act of 1996.  See the GVI FMLA Request form for details.

Sick Leave – This option is used for routine procedures that do not require extensive absence from work.  Anytime over 81 hours must be follow the formal submission process through your immediate Supervisor.

Military Leave – Official Orders from the Military Commander are required. 

LWOP – Leave Without Pay – Must be pre-determined by the Division of Personnel.  Once the letter of confirmation is received, the formal steps for submission must be adhered to for compliance.