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Ulla F. Muller Elementary School

On Wednesday, November 30, 2016, Ulla F. Muller “rolled out” PBIS to their students! PBIS stands Positive Behavior Interventions and Supports; PBIS is a framework rooted in evidence based practices to increase behavioral and academic outcomes by improving school climate, preventing problem behavior, increasing learning time, promoting positive social skills, and delivering effective behavioral interventions and supports.  PBIS supports the entire school and is being implemented across the territory.  


Facets of PBIS include identifying a school’s core values, developing comprehensive reward programs for students, creating a common positive language and a utilizing evidence-based behavioral interventions to support all students and staff. Ulla F. Muller introduced their students to “Panther PRIDE” by way of a PBIS rally yesterday. Students we taught the core values of their elementary school: P-Positive Behavior, R-Respect, I-Individual Responsibility, D-Determination and E-Excellence! Performances by the cheerleaders, the boys club and the girls club demonstrated how PRIDE looks at Ulla F. Muller. Students held signs and rallied around their peers.


Following the rally, teachers will continue to teach their individual classes about PRIDE everyday as well as demonstrate how showing Panther PRIDE looks in each area of the school. School staff will integrate the Panther PRIDE language into daily routines to encourage students to strive for excellence.


As Ulla F. Muller continues to support its students through PBIS they will have additional “roll outs” to introduce a new positive reward system as well as ceremonies to celebrate student and staff success. Other aspects that contribute to Ulla F. Muller’s PBIS program include a comprehensive behavioral management system, classroom intervention trainings and bully-prevention systems. Ulla F. Muller is equipped with a PBIS Task Force Team at their school and a district coach to guide the PBIS process and support the school. Students and staff at Ulla F. Muller will continue to show their Panther PRIDE with positive behaviors and excellence in education.

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